SL Power A/S

SL Power A/S performs marine engine repairs. The main o ce and the 1,100 m2 workshop are located at the Port of Hirtshals. SL Power has extensive experience in installation, operational optimization, maintenance, and repair of all MaK, Caterpillar & Wärtsilä engines.

SL Power’s core area is 24/7 service 365 days a year performed by MaK, Caterpillar & Wärtsilä experts.

SL Power also offers:

  • A supplier who is willing to take the responsibility and risk of the engine maintenance/plant and possibly completely taking over the operation of all equipment (Operation & Maintenance agreement)
  • Known level of expenditure for maintenance and possibly also of the operation hereof.
  • Expected less “down time” than by maintenance/operation with own people
  • Reduced need to train and educate people.
  • Documented work. A major factor in classic cation companies’ work of approval for individual ships, due to transparent documentation of what, when and how a given job is performed and to what standard.
  • In smaller and newer owner organizations the desired expertise may not be know at the purchase of equipment/plant. With a Operation & Maintenance /Service Agreement SL Power brings your organization the necessary knowledge

Kontakt information

SL Power A/S

Olfert Fischersvej 7

9850 Hirtshals

Phone:   +45 69 15 18 19


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