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Henry Petersen & Sons is a modern transport business, which with its allround fleet of vehicles and machinery can carry out a wide range of work. For Henry Petersen & Sons quality is a keyword and they only work with modern and well-maintained equipment and gear operated by an experienced and highly skilled staff. It is obvious that every environmental standard within the company´s working area is followed to the letter.


Henry Petersen & Sons works within the following areas:


8 trucks, which with different types of truck bodies, containers, trailers and sideloader can be adapted to virtually all kind of transport jobs within general cargo and bulk material

  • Delivery of concrete blocks, garden slabs, sand and gravel plus various fillers


4 crane trucks with cranes in different configurations and 6 flatbed trucks plus pilot car

  • Transport of long/wide/heavy load
  • Most lifting jobs of for example building units, mills, silos etc.
  • Machine handling of any kind for example entire process bars or engine installations
  • Salvage operations also in difficult circumstances of for example wrecked cars, trucks, smaller planes, trains, collapsed bridges and buildings
  • Environmental work with transport of environmentally unfriendly cargo, cleaning up basins and contaminated soil etc.


1 front-end loader for different digging and loading work. Can be adapted to the job

Furthermore, Henry Petersen & Sons has a large number of different containers (including shipping containers) for many different purposes, which are rented to both business customers and private persons. Emptying takes place as requested by the customer. Add to this hiring out different kind of equipment for example fork-lift trucks,

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Henry Petersen og Sønner ApS

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