COSMOS TRAWL is the largest net makers in Denmark. They develop, produce and sell all kinds of high quality modern fishing gear for the sea-going fishing and fish farm net cages of any type. The products are mainly sold in Scandinavia and the North Altantic but also for customers in South America, Asia and Russia.
COSMOS TRAWL deliver complete package solutions and carry comprehensive stock of equipment and a wide range of the following:
  • Shrimp Trawls
  • Groundfish Trawls
  • Multi-rig systems
  • Semi-pelagic Trawls
  • Midwater Trawls
  • Self-spreading Trawls
  • Purse Seines
  • Aquaculture cages
Furthermore facilities for storage are available.


Contact Information

Cosmos Trawl A/S

Notkajen 2

9850 Hirtshals

Phone:   +45 98 94 19 77


  +45 98 94 31 01
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